Avengers 4: Endgame Theory REVEALS The Endgame Plan

by Marvel Fanverse

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

When Avengers 4 revealed the title (Avengers: Endgame) Marvel accidentally leaked the entire Endgame plan.

Not intentionally, of course, but they gave enough clues at this point for any clever Marvel fan to piece together the plan. And we, as a Marvel community, have been trying to discover the secret Endgame plan for a while now.

We’ve gone far. But nobody, at this point, ever connected all the dots into one cohesive theory. This is the first time (to our knowledge) it’s ever been done. It wasn’t easy. It took countless hours of comprehensive research, rewatching every Marvel movie, and reading countless bunk theories until this theory was formed.

Now, you can be one of the first to read our Endgame Theory (check out our Avengers: Endgame giveaway here). And it’s going to predict how the Endgame plan will unfold before the rest of the world gets to see the film. Get ready because this theory may change the way you think about the Avengers: Endgame plan forever.

Doctor Strange’s Time Stone Sacrifice

Doctor Strange Sacrificing Time Stone in Avengers: Infinity War

Doctor Strange Gives Time Stone to Thanos

When Doctor Strange sacrificed the Time Stone for Iron Man’s life, he went against his duty and moral code.

If it comes to saving you, or the kid, or the Time Stone, I will NOT hesitate to let either of you die.

Doctor Strange

Yet, when the moment came, Strange did the complete opposite. It doesn’t make sense. Doctor Strange literally promised he wouldn’t sacrifice it and would do everything to save it. And Doctor Strange knew what would happen if he did — Thanos would win.

What made Strange do it? The very object he sacrificed: the Time Stone.

Avengers: Infinity War Thanos Wields Time Stone

Thanos Wields Time Stone

When Doctor Strange foresaw 14,000,605 alternate outcomes to the battle, in only one outcome, did they win — The Endgame Plan. After seeing that outcome, Strange knew that in order for the Avengers to win the war, they had to lose the battle.

Think about it. If Strange just handed over the stone, Thanos might’ve thought something was fishy and just killed them all. Luckily, Strange’s Time Stone move is all a part of the Endgame plan to undoing Thanos’s snap.

We know that because ‘dead’ Avengers like Spider-Man and Doctor Strange are returning with confirmed sequel films. Matter of fact, Marvel just confirmed Spider-Man: Far From Home takes place minutes after Avengers 4.

So, we know without a doubt the Avengers will undo the damage. But how will they do it? The answer lies within a few key Marvel scenes.

Key Marvel Scenes Leaving Us With Questions

1. Ant-Man’s Stuck in Quantum Realm

Ant-Man Stuck in Quantum Realm as seen in post credit scene of Ant-Man 2

Ant-Man Stuck in Quantum Realm

Ant-Man is stuck in the Quantum Realm. But right before he gets stuck, Hank’s wife (Wasp) reveals a massive spoiler about the Quantum Realm’s role.

Don’t get sucked into a Time Vortex.

Wasp warns Ant-Man. Which makes us think:

  • Why would Marvel include this line as a post-credit scene?
  • What is a Time Vortex?

Obviously, Ant-Man does escape the Quantum Realm, but will the Quantum Realm be able to replicate the Time Stone’s ability? We’ll explore that later.

2. Nick Fury’s Call to Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel Pager seen in post credit scene of Avengers: Infinity War

Nick Fury Signals To Captain Marvel

At the last moment, Nick Fury calls Captain Marvel. Like:

  • Why did he wait over 20 years to call her?
  • Why didn’t Fury call Carol for the Attack on New York? Or how about Ultron’s Army of killer bots?

Why didn’t he call Captain Marvel sooner? There’s gotta be a reason.

3. Captain Marvel’s set in 1995

Captain Marvel set in 1995

Captain Marvel’s set in 1995

Marvel directly ties each of their film’s together like a book series. Yet:

  • Why would Marvel use such a massive, 20-year time jump right before Avengers: Endgame?
  • Why did Fury wait 20 years to contact her for a specific event?

Marvel’s always got a plan, so this 20-year time jump is apart of it. What if Marvel accidentally revealed a key plot device with the Captain Marvel movie? We’re betting they did.

4. Strange’s Time Stone Sacrifice

Doctor Strange Gives Up Time Stone

Doctor Strange Gives Up Time Stone

Strange sacrificed the only entity capable of undoing the Decimation, the Time Stone, in exchange for Tony Stark’s life.

  • Why would Doctor Strange make such a dumb decision after seeing 14,000,605 alternate outcomes?
  • Why didn’t Strange use the Time Stone once in the battle?

“You’re full of tricks, Wizard. You never once used your greatest weapon,

Thanos mocked Strange. And the funny thing is, Thanos is right — Strange never used the Time Stone ONCE in the fight.

Matter of fact, Strange even removed the Time Stone from the necklace, despite having an unbreakable spell cast on it. So, why did Strange help Thanos win? Because it was all part of Doctor Strange’s Endgame plan.

Doctor Strange’s Endgame Plan

Doctor Strange Endgame Plan

Doctor Strange’s Endgame Plan

Everything at this point is part of the plan. Imagine this: you’re about to take a test and you secretly stole the answer key. You now know all the answers. What’s the probability you will fail? Zero (unless you’re a bad cheater).

Doctor Strange has the same exact advantage. He’s stolen the answer key and is just following the key. The key, in this case, is the Endgame plan and it’ll help the Avengers defeat Thanos and reverse the Decimation without the Time Stone.

And for the plan to work, it requires 3 key characters:

  1. Ant-Man
  2. Iron Man
  3. Captain Marvel

Here are each character’s roles. Let’s start with the most important character, Ant-Man.

Ant-Man’s Endgame role

Ant Man's Role in Avengers Endgame

Ant Man’s Role in Avengers Endgame

Ant-Man’s trapped in the Quantum Realm. Scott doesn’t have an enlarging Pym Particle this time, so he’s actually stuck for good. So, who will save Ant-Man? A forgotten friend: Ghost.

Why Ghost? Because Ant-Man actually went into the Quantum Realm for her ‘drugs’. Ghost needs the Quantum Realm’s healing particles and there’s only one person that can supply it — Ant-Man. And now, Scott’s stuck. It’ll be a matter of time before Ghost finds her missing Quantum drug dealer, brings Bill Foster to free him (if he’s alive), and frees Ant-Man.

And that’s when Ant-Man realizes what just happened to the world and goes to the Avengers HQ (as seen in the Avengers: Endgame trailer). From there, the remaining Avengers reassemble (Banner, Cap, Black Widow, Thor, Bill Foster, and possibly Professor Erik Selvig). They analyze the catastrophic damage of the Decimation.

After brainstorming for a bit, the Avengers find a solution: they need to reverse time. However, they can’t. Strange sacrificed the Time Stone and nobody knows where Thanos is hiding. So, the Avengers are on their own. That is until an idea sparks of a place that can possibly reverse time: The Quantum Realm.

The Quantum Realm

The Quantum Realm

The Quantum Realm

In Scott’s truck lies a miniature Quantum Realm. What can it do? If we go back to what we said earlier about Wasp’s Time Vortex spoiler, the Quantum Realm may hold the key to reversing the Decimation. The director of Ant-Man, Peyton Reed, also thinks so. ‘The Quantum Realm is “definitely a priority” for the MCU moving forward,’ Reed confirms.  

Since Avengers: Endgame marks the end of Phase 3, it makes sense that the MCU will start using the Quantum Realm to introduce stronger enemies from the Multi-verse. The Eternals, Krees, Skrulls, and other villains. After all, they’ve been building the Quantum Realm for several movies now.

And now, there’s a shroud of mystery hanging over it. The only person that knew how the Quantum Realm worked — Hank’s Wife — is confirmed dead. However before Wasp died, she accidentally revealed a remarkable ability of the Quantum Realm, “Don’t Get Sucked Into A Time Vortex” (Wasp). If you don’t know, a time vortex means you can time travel. A good example of a time vortex would be Interstellar.

Cooper enters Tesseract

Cooper enters Tesseract

Somehow, the future version of Cooper helped the younger version save Earth. The Quantum Realm holds the key to time travel. But nobody knows how to use a Time Vortex. So much can go wrong like time loops, ending up in the wrong time period or just fading into oblivion. Not good.

So, Foster and Banner will probably realize — after countless nerdy discussions — they need some sort of ‘nanotechnology’ to study the Quantum Realm. Does anyone’s armor come to mind? Iron Man.

Iron Man’s Endgame Role


But there’s a problem.

Tony Stark’s adrift in space, running out of food, and about to die as we’ve seen from the trailer. But right before Stark gives up, he sends a message to Pepper Potts in space. The Pott’s message is intercepted by either the Avengers or someone supporting their cause.

They trace back the coordinates, find exactly where Tony is, and send Cap and Black Widow on a rescue mission. Come on, who would be a better savior? The two OG Avengers haven’t made up after Civil War. This is the perfect way for Cap and Tony to reunite again.

So, they reunite. Tony returns. Stark helps Banner and Foster build a nanotech suit capable of exploring the Quantum Realm. Together, they solve the Quantum Realm Time Vortex problem, opening up the possibility of reversing time. But at a price.

They can travel back in time, but only to another alternate universe. Not the current one. That’s where Captain Marvel comes in.

Captain Marvel’s Endgame Role

Captain Marvel's Role In Avengers Endgame

Captain Marvel’s Role In Avengers Endgame

We know Captain Marvel will play a crucial role in reversing the Decimation. But until now, nobody knew how. That’s about to change as for the first time, we may have actually figured it out.

So, we know Captain Marvel was absent from Earth’s greatest threats for over 20 years. Where was she? Helping the Avengers. Let me explain. Just like Interstellar’s Cooper, the future Ant-Man somehow told Carol Danvers 20-year-in-advance through the Quantum Realm about Thanos and their alternate universe problem.

So, Captain Marvel leaves Earth and searches the cosmos for 20 years, trying to find a way bridge alternate universes together. If Carol succeeds, the Avengers can reassemble the Avengers and Infinity Stones and transfer it to the current universe.

But in order for it to work, she needs a signal when Thanos came, so she could begin opening the bridge. Thanks to Fury, she’s received that call. Now, when the Avengers are able to transfer the Infinity Stones to the current universe, the REAL Infinity War will begin. However, somewhere in the process, something goes terribly wrong leading to an even greater threat than Thanos.

We’ll just have to wait and see if this comes true. What do you guys think of this theory? Let me know in the comments down below! 

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